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LBOl -001Sunglasses protect the eyes from potentially damaging UV light.

It is important that the tint on the sunglasses is of a good quality to provide the protection that the eyes need. We can supply a variety of different tints, both different colours and different intensities and ensure that they provide protection from UV light.

Some people prefer lenses that go darker in the sunlight, so that they can use these as a general pair of glasses. Indoors they are clear and in bright light they go dark, these are called transition lenses. In the car the lenses will darken to some degree, which for many people they find ideal although others prefer a separate dark pair of sunglasses.

Any of our frames can be used to make into sunglasses, and we also have a wide range of frames which are specifically designed to be sunglasses.

We are also pleased offer a pair of sunglasses at half price when you buy your main glasses, this includes varifocals and bifocals although for some more complex prescriptions the discount we are able to offer on your second pair of glasses will be less. Please ask us for details.